Pay It Forward South Africa

helps families in many different ways. Here are just two true life stories of how YOU and Pay It Forward South Africa have made a difference.

Food Assistance

A call from a concerned neighbour led me to a home where the husband had decided, after a lengthy period of unemployment due to the closure of the company he worked for, and selling off goods after the money had run out, and after asking, pleading and finally begging all and sundry for assistance for his family, to take the lives of all.  A Father, a Mother, three children.

He hadn’t acted on it.  It wasn’t what he wanted, not at all.  He had tried it all, and the situation had reached the point where he couldn’t afford Internet Café Fee’s to search for positions, or buy the newspaper to seek employment.

Pay It Forward assisted the family for 9 weeks, every Saturday.  During this time he was able, with our help, to search again, and fortunately he was appointed to a similar position he had held previously.

Family Assistance

Via another Organisation, I learned of a family in need.  For a fair length of time we assisted them weekly with sustenance.  It was always apparent that something was not right in the home, something other than a shortage of food.

It eventually came out that the male in the home was an abuser.  Physical and mental abuse of the female.

We assisted the Lady to co-ordinate a move whilst he wasn’t at home.  All was prepared.  On the day, he left at the normal time, and her and her son packed like there was no tomorrow.  Clothes hidden under beds in black bags came to the fore.  Boxes folded and hidden in the garage into the house, packed, sealed, labelled.  And then she received a call that he was on his way home.  She was petrified.

I called the SAPS on the East Rand, who visited the home, and only on the second attempt were granted access.  They removed the mother and a daughter, whilst I drove through.  I then met them at the house and sat with the mother and children until 8 that evening, when the truck finally arrived to load their goods and transport it.

Strangely…………… the ‘man’ sat quietly, trying to convince her to stay, until late afternoon when his patience began to run out, and his true being exposed itself.  I advised him to leave, his own property – he did.

Today, mother and children are happily living a carefree life on the other side of town.