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EXCITEDLY I am able to tell you that on Monday 8 October, PIF and a group of possible Volunteers will hold a Strat Session, with the aim being – HELP!!!!! PIF has grown beyond expectation over a 1 year period, and of course, funding is always an issue.  The help of Volunteers across many spheres will help to make us more self-sufficient.  So hold thumbs for us please.

EXCITED TO tell you that a Member of PIF has given us an amazing gift – OUR VERY OWN WEBSITE – bought by her and will be hosted by her.  Thank you Di Heuser for your generosity and time offered.  So, PIF will be moving shortly to our very own .org. Site.

UPDATE – PIF are working hard at realizing the need for a centre for taking in children who are victims of abuse, neglect and rejection.  This will be a transitional centre, where the child will be safe, housed and fed, whilst the necessary steps are taken to place the precious beings into foster care.  We will be working very closely with Social Workers in this regard.  We will update shortly as to the needs in terms of Volunteer Staff. 

Our first priority is sponsored housing, preferably in the Randburg area.  To this end, we require the services of an exceptional Marketing Officer, on a Volunteer basis.

If you are interested please use the contact form to get hold of me.

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